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[丁善德 / Shande Ding] Long March Symphony Op.16 (Score-Video)

[丁善德 / Shande Ding] Long March Symphony Op.16 (Score-Video)

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余隆(Long Yu) / Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony has 5 movements:
I. Embarking On The Road (0:15)
第一乐章 踏上征途
II. Red Army, The Beloved Of The Various Nationalities (21:30)
第二乐章 红军.各民族的亲人
III. Rush Capture Of The Luting Bridge (33:52)
第三乐章 飞夺泸定桥
IV. Crossing Snow Mountains And Grassland (41:13)
第四乐章 翻雪山 过草地
V. Triumphant Junction (59:36)
第五乐章 胜利会师

In my opinion, this masterpiece is the greatest symphony among various chinese symphonies, not only the patriotism it shows, but the musicality it has as well. Mr. Ding's counterpoint and organization of music materials is marvelously perfect.

Special video to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC
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