Borne the Battle 236: Navy Veteran Mikal Vega, NAVY SEAL, Actor, Vital Warrior Discipline System

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Mikal Vega is an accomplished actor, Kundalini Yoga teacher and founder of the nonprofit, Vital Warrior. In this episode of Borne the Battle, Vega discusses his struggle with military transition, finding treatment for his PTSD, discovering alternative therapies, and founding a nonprofit with the goal of sharing what he has learned.
0:00 - Intro
3:26 - Experiences, Not His Belief
8:44 - Joining the SEAL Teams
15:47 - Greatest Mentors in the Military
18:34 - Twenty-Two Years in Service
21:56 - A Difficult Transition Out of the Military and how Mikal Overcame It
27:03 - Choosing Between Two Families: Navy and Blood
30:00 - How Did You Get to Where You Are Now?
37:21 - His Role in Transformers 3
42:12 - Understanding the ‘Divine’ Purpose in the Creative Space
43:18 - The Prompting to found Vital Warrior
57:30 - Drawing From Personal Experiences When Acting
1:06:08 - Becoming a Motion Capture Director for Call of Duty During COVID
1:16:06 - One Thing That the Military Taught That He Applies Today
1:17:00 - “There is a reason why we were given our experiences.”
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