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Office Hours for Jan 23, 2021 - Office Hours 305
00:00 Intro
3:28 Can Keynote be used with a teleprompter? If so, how?
8:01 In a Zoom meeting is there a setting to turn off all attendees except for Host?
12:06 What are the group's suggestions for securely holding a Galaxy Tab on top of a photographic tripod?
16:26 When starting a "Color grading" workflow. What are the high level first steps a new editor should take to avoid complete failure?
28:46 I have noise reduction on in my Audio Hijack chain and Zoom background suppression on Low in Zoom. How do they affect or interfere with each other. Any recommendations?
32:26 Is it possible to run multiple instances of Zoom Room virtualized using VMWare? Any know supported multi input SDI Capture cards that work with Zoom? Magewell, AJA, BMD?
35:22 yesterday you mentioned to screenshare the Atem Mini via Quicktime to Zoom -great tip! Unfortunately my company chose Microsoft Teams on Windows PCs. I am struggeling using my Atem Mini with Teams as a webcam to share video and slides e.g. via a connected iPad in high quality in Teams calls. Tips?
39:31 Tried doing Alex’s Keynote lower thirds but in OBS. Using luma key filter i see black pixels around my lower thirds. What am i doing wrong?
47:44 How do you apply bias voltage to make the Pyle headsets work.
49:19 USB-C, Thunderbolt, USB-C with Thunderbolt. Can someone please explain the differences and the uses in order to guide purchases of audio/video equipment, docks/adapters?
54:39 Most humans lose high frequency hearing as they age. For you sound guys, what happens if your hearing starts to degrade?
58:39 I keep seeing this Nureva audio system being pitched for small to large conference rooms. Has anyone experienced this in real life yet vs a marketing demo?
1:00:08 In Zoom as host I make someone cohost. How do I relieve them of that new found status?
1:00:33 Education

** SECOND HOUR ** Certain 2nd hour events will be available on YouTube. You definitely want to be on the Zoom Webinar to be sure you can watch these experts talk.

This is a multi-hour event. You can join the conversation as a panelist or attendee to get the deep-dive information you desire.

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**When Office Hours Happen**
Daily, but only streamed M-F from 7-8 AM PT (10-11 AM ET). Each week, Alex will send a email of scheduled events. You can join and drop at any time.

**Be a Panelist**
- You have to join the call no later than 20 minutes before Office Hours starts (usually 6:40 AM PT)
- Decent video (webcams can work), audio, and internet connection (try to be wired).
- When you join the zoom, raise your virtual hand (bottom of screen) and the team will determine if quality is good enough to join
- Keep it clean

**To be an attendee**
- Join the call, but DON'T raise your virtual hand.
- You do not need video or audio.
- Questions for the panel in the Q&A (NO comments here - just questions)
-- Keep questions short and simple. Long and off-topic questions will be dismissed
- Chat room is for talking with everyone. Keep comments clean, moderators are monitoring.

**The Discord Information**
Discord link only is displayed at 6:30 AM PT for 30 minutes. You MUST be on the zoom call (attendee or panelist) to get the link.
Do not share the Discord link.

**Listen, Ask Questions and Chat with Mukana**
We use a special program for chat and questions. You can also listen to the show if you cannot be on the panel.

See you at the next one!
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