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Birthday : 5/19/1999
Takao Suzuki(Former Japan Davis Cup team)
Birthday: September 20, 1976
Highest JTA* rank: S1/D1
Highest ATP rank: S102/D119
*Japan Tennis Association

・record the most wins at Davis Cup in Japan national team(41 wins)
・Japan National Team at Atlanta Olympics
・first round in singles at US Open (1999, 2004)
・second round in singles at Wimbledon (2003)
Mishihisa Onoda(Asian Cup 2002 Gold Medalist)
Birthday: January 31, 1978
Highest JTA* rank: S3/D4
Highest ATP rank: S296/D306
*Japan Tennis Association

・qualifying in singles at Australian Open(2003)
・won the ATP Challenger doubles title at Busan Open, KOR(2003)
・won the ITF futures singles titles five times

Michihisa Onoda(instagram)

At Star Tennis Academy, you can learn tennis techniques with top professionals, including Takao Suzuki, who has taken the set from Roger Federer in singles, and Michihisa Onoda, who has defeated Boris Becker in doubles.

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