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Should You Make Your Hobby Your Job - Is My Dream Job A Hobby Or Career

Should You Make Your Hobby Your Job - Is My Dream Job A Hobby Or Career

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In this episode Alton, John and Barb discuss if making your hobby your job is really the way to do it. You often hear about people wanting to do what they love, but does that mean you should really take your hobby and turn it into a job? What all should you consider? Darrin Schenck joins us as he did make his hobby his main job. Darrin shares his stories as well as things to think about if you want to do this. Finally we share our thoughts on this topic.
This podcast talks about Should You Make Your Hobby Your Job subject information but we also try to cover the following subjects:
-is my dream job a hobby or career?
-how to make money from your hobby
-turn your hobby into your job

Darrin Schenck bio:
As a former Professional Racquetball Player, he spent three years in the Top 20 in the world on the International Racquetball Tour. Now as a coach, he is in his 14th season as the Head Coach of the ASU Racquetball team, with a Women’s National Championship and two-time Collegiate Coach of the Year Awards to his credit, as well as producing over three dozen Collegiate All Americans.
He is currently the Vice President of Sales Marketing at TriageNow, which is a medical call center for workplace injuries. In his free time he speaks at universities and colleges, as well as working with young professionals helping them transition into the professional world smoothly.

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