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The difference between men and women: Communication Styles - Woke Wednesday

The difference between men and women: Communication Styles - Woke Wednesday

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Welcome to Woke Wednesdays, where my friend Ali and I eat food and discuss a specific topic to educate ourselves and raise awareness. Today we are talking about our different ways of communicating and how it impact our social interactions. Tune in to hear our thoughts!

Ali’s youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoOae5nYA7VqaXzerajD0lg

Ali’s podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXpN-Z7LyTgc3OLo_Zw2Pg

My audio podcast:

I am Dr. Sheen Gurrib and I want to play my part in supporting the next generation of empowered women. So, I have a podcast ‘Dream, Girl’, where I host women from all spheres of life with varied experiences and life journeys and we look beyond the social lens to discuss everything from racism, sexism, representation and mental health. Join me every week as I chat to one of these wonderful women and let's learn how to be/support a kick-ass woman in general! I also make shorter videos where I share snippets of my life, and my life experiences, such as doing a PhD and attending OxBridge universities, and have mindful conversations about important topics.

Come and say hi to me:

Watch my TEDxCambridgeUniversity on Girls' Education:

Read my blog:
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