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The Rise of Nuke's Top 5: NOT An Elaborate Hoax

The Rise of Nuke's Top 5: NOT An Elaborate Hoax

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Nuke’s Top 5… A mysterious faceless YouTuber with nearly 1 billion views and just over 3.5 million subscribers, well known for his scary videos, which are nothing short of DOWNRIGHT CHILLING…

His unique narration style and eerie editing truly put him a peg above the rest, so it comes as no surprise that he is now one of the most successful creators on YouTube! But things are not always sunshine and roses for him…

Let’s do a deep dive into the drama, the comedy and the learning curve that created A LEGEND who inspired YouTubers like us and took the paranormal community on YouTube to a whole new level!

We’re Goose Pimples and this is The Rise of Nuke's Top 5...


Nuke's Top 5:

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