USTA 4.5 pushing an ATP PRO! #tennis #shorts

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This is a singles set between me and Clay Thompson and Clay's first time on the channel! Clay played at UCLA and then on the ATP tour and reached a high of 408. He was known for being loud and super exciting to watch. As a tall guy he played a big game and still does today, but I think it's more controlled and calmer than before. Nowadays he still plays a lot of tennis and trains with the purpose of improving. Today we played an 8-game pro set with me having a 30-Love lead each game. Watch to see if it was enough of a handicap lol. Leave some nice comments below for Clay for playing this match with me and check out his app MprooV!

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Winston - USTA 4.5
Clay - UTR 14.5ish (career high)

Clay's racket:

Clay's strings:

Winston's racket:

Winston's strings:

Winston's shoes:

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